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Written By Affiliate Man 2016

You or your business may spend a large amount of time and money on marketing. An entrepreneur,  smart business owners need to assess how well their marketing plans are workingfor the short and long term. your marketing efforts should get the whole picture of prospects and projections of meeting margins. The report should reveal a percentage of those prospects should become clients. You can execute market research to determine your clients about the effectiveness of your marketing message(s).

Businesses summarize the results of their research in a daily or monthly marketing report. But for the little guys on the block we need to utilize all efforts to find out where our customers are, what are they buying, what are the latests trends in your market.  Most use social media reports or simple polls to keep abreast of the heartbeat of their and potential consumers. Marketing Reports are essential to the survival of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Make the most of all the free social media as possible, be creative in your research, compile your results, then execute! 

There are ebooks online that just about cover any and everything that could possibly help start your online marketing and making money online possible.

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Where there is a will there is a way! and by golly we have more super top tips to share with you, and of course please pass it down! what we share on "Super Top Tips" can help alot of online marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners. 

We continue more with the value of reading, research and asking questions in whatever stage in making money online you are. we are not self proclaimed guru's in online stragedy in the vast pool of info marketers, webinars, youtube viral speakers. Although we must acknowledge the many that have earned their stripes, paid there dues and have deep knowledge of online marketing, list building, viral emailing, landing pages(squeeze), ebooks etc.

Making money online the right way!  there are short-cuts, deceptive tactics, spamming and so on, but here we will share sites we mostly are members, associates and affiliates.

 No over night millionaires found here, overnight success not found here!  Yes you can find some real top tips that can guide you on the right road, over the last 5-7 years i have tried alot of surfing and gimmick sites that promised traffic and awards. but now after finding the best ways to leverage the new upcomming traffic sites, membership sites, refferal sites to achieve my goals all together one site supporting the other criss crossing site to site in refferal programs that provide multiple benefits all together. Amazing right! the time put in does justify some real organic results.