About Us

 My name is rodney, and my short story begins almost 7 years ago when i decided that i wanted to make money online. but my deep passion for music and sharing good music over the internet was something i wanted to go with first, there is always something about going with my instincts,  and the opportunity to create and grow a radio station from the ground up. To understand and go through all it takes to be compliant with the FCC every month paying royalties and the developement of a functioning radio station website, was alot to say the least. 

On A Mission
After saying all that i wanted to share that i spent the time to develope and maintain an internet radio station with commercials and ads, networking, advertising, growing and growing a devoted audience 24/7/365
Of course i did'nt go this alone! thanks to wifey,(Shout Out To Wifey) but the day to day constent marketing on social media, following up with affiliates and interviews with artists and bands An experience you must endure and enjoy at the same time....too many lesssons to be learned 

Along The Way
dealing with companies and business trying to position your radio station for revenue, forget about any kind of salary, enough to cover the overheadwas good enough for me, you would think i picked up a few tips here and there. What marketing does to the survival of a business, day in and out, literally going door to door, marketing your business. emails and phone calls, some wanted to skype conversations which was futile. yes there were some pitfalls and painful lessons. Why wouldn't i share some of the tips i have piled up over the years. of course there are manay easy ways to market and make money online, this not this place and i have no magic rabbits to pull out of a hat

Why Super Top Tips
i feel compelled to share some of the tips, points that might be clearly available for you to understand and digest, it's not an overnight race. you need time, of course effort and the will how to receive a few tips. of course i put my affiliate links throughout the website, where else are the "super top tips"and suggestions are?